B2C2 is a community. We help each other keep things dialed on & off the bike to realize one another's athletic goals. We do so with respect & integrity. We fight for and embody gender equity in sport.

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Alex Carlson

Amy Ousterhout

Anne Raymond

Darcey Moore

Emma Edwards

Erin Faccone

Megan Galinat

Hannah Rossi

Heather Richard

Julie Wright

Kate Lawrence

Lane Marder

Lauren Kling

Leslie Lupien

Lydia Hausle

Paulina Baez-Zepeda

Sharon Sloan

Tori Wuthrich



Alexander Soper

Andrew Lysaght

Chris Mehlman

Colin Reuter

Dan Cariolo

Dustin Weigl

Greg Colby

Liam Howard

Ian Schon

Ian Marling

Max Jentzsch

Kevin Sweeney

Matt Sousa

Matt Griswald

Mike Martin

Mike Wissell

Noel Hwang

Parker Musselman

Patrick Cochran

Quinn White

Steve Black

Tyler Parnes