B2C2 is a racing community. We help each other keep things dialed on & off the bike to realize one another's athletic goals. We do so with respect & integrity. We fight for and embody gender equity in sport.

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Executive Board

Greg Colby - Team President
Lauren Kling - Director of the Treasury
Patrick Cochran - Director of Community & Sponsorship



Amy Ousterhout
Anne Raymond - CX Captain
Athena Moore - MTB Captain
Chrissy Glover
Darcey Moore
Emma Edwards
Jessamine Young

Kate Lawrence
Lane Marder - Road Captain
Lydia Hausle
Rachel Uccellini
Sharon Sloan
Tori Wuthrich



Chris Mehlman
Cole Tamburri
Colin Reuter
Dan Cariolo - CX Captain
Davis Franklin
Dmitro Martynowych
Jacob Coblentz
James deMelo
John Cortes
Kevin Sweeney
Kevin Langer
Lewis Caskey
Lucas Kaplan

Matt Griswold
Matt Sousa
Max Jentzsch
Mike Wissell
Miles Couchman
Noel Hwang
Quinn White - Road Captain
Robert Burnett
Senan Hogan-Hennessy
Steve Black
Tim Pastika
Tyler Parnes - MTB Captain