B2C2 is always looking for new interesting and committed riders to support in the racing community. Our team is not strictly results-oriented, but we do value a good work ethic and a strong willingness to participate in a number of competitive events each year. Our teammates are active and positive members of the racing community. We run several events each year for the community and rely heavily on the help of the team to prepare for and staff those events. Gender equity and the development of new riders are key tenants of the B2C2 M.O.

You can get a decent sense of our team personality and endeavors through our social media. Check us out (and give us a follow) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by clicking the buttons below! We're a diverse crew who work hard and enjoy training and racing as much as we enjoy a good board game and team pot-luck. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Keep reading...

 Photo Credit: Jonathan Nable, 2016

Photo Credit: Jonathan Nable, 2016

Actively Seeking...

We are actively seeking new team members for the 2018 season. If interested, feel free to email one of our team captains. In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourself and hangout at races! Getting to know the team is the best way to become one of us.. 

Road/CX - Lydia Hausle

MTB - Mike Wissell