Northampton CX, A Team Averica Dinner Discussion

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Julie - I put my handlebar in Brittlee Bowman’s wheel and feel badly about it. I tried chasing her around the entire course to apologize, but she wouldn’t wait up. Sorry Brittlee!

Hannah - I ate it on the pro-only section. But I kept riding it because why not?

Erin - I needed a closer look at the barrier. Unclipping is overrated.

Julie - On Saturday I carried my bike up the run-up like it was a teacup, with my pinky high in the air.

Hannah - I finished on the lead lap, triumphantly.

Erin - I saw Julie stop pedaling for a second and it made me pedal harder. I still didn’t catch her.

Julie -  Mike Wissell gave me a really solid peptalk.


Collectively -

We got to debut our brand new and most-rad Averica tent. Not only that, but we were joined by wonderful Averica humans Jeff and Olga for the races! They did much cheering and took many photos:

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Gary was amazing as usual. Hannah smooshed her derailleur hanger getting rad only minutes before the race and Gary got it fixed in time to get her to the start line. He also did an impressive amount of quarterbacking from the pit, calling out how far we were from each other and fostering a healthy team competitive dynamic. I think he kept telling me [Erin] that Julie was closer so I’d pedal harder. I pedaled as hard as I could but she is too fast.

Hannah’s dad came. We call him papa Rossi (not to be confused with Paparazzi). So did Drew’s aunt and uncle. So many fans. Olga brought her mom. Other Julie made the @efacc face. We can’t say enough about how special it is to have all these people around when we race.

As a finale, Julie exploded a tire at the finish line like a firework.