Julie Comes Out On Top!

It was a great weekend in Warwick, RI for the New England Verge Series finale at NBX. I remember last year at this race being bitter cold, the only race at which I wore leg-warmers. This year brought unseasonably warm conditions, in the 50s - perfect for a long walk on the beach! But this isn’t a weather report…

Team Averica

(photo by Laura Faccone)

Let’s talk about Julie! If you’ve ever met Julie, you know that she’s overwhelmingly positive and also incredibly humble. Put her in front of a camera and she blushes immediately. Tell her how great she is and she turns it around into a compliment to you. So let’s use this week to say all the nice things about her that she won't say herself? Deal? Ok, good.

Saturday’s course was maybe the best NBX course yet. Fairly similar to last year’s course, but with some new techy/turny stuff and less blasting down the pavement after a beach run. Sunday’s course was a lot like Saturday’s course, but backwards. Also warmer.

Sunday’s race saw Julie start like a PB&J-powered rocket and slot comfortably into the top-10 from the go. She’s had a season goal to race with NY rad-lady BrittLee Bowman, so when the course first doubled on itself I couldn’t help but fire off an internal “YAAAS” when I saw them in a group together. They did a bunch of attacking, turning, dismounting, remounting, sprinting, braking, more turning, and ultimately sprinting again, which resulted in Julie’s BEST UCI FINISH EVER! 7th!!! (Full Results: http://www.crossresults.com/race/5839)

But wait, there’s more! You don’t even know yet that she smashed her way to her best ever result after a vicious fight with the pavement on Saturday that left her missing several patches of skin and heavily bruised. Of course you didn’t know that, though, because you probably saw Julie around all weekend, always smiling, never complaining. Because that’s how she is.

As we start to think about what we want this team to be in the coming years, I think we can all agree that “be like Julie” is a solid summary. Race with grit, do your best every day, support teammates, contribute to the community, respect your competition. Be kind. If you haven’t been following her or you don’t know her, you are missing out.