Such Gnar, Much Crit - B2C2 Weekend Recap April 11-12, 2015

Last weekend featured the first real racing of the season (yeah, yeah, WindyCrit was great) and B2C2 had folks all over New England (and beyond) dusting off occasionally still-hairy legs and enjoying the first nice bit of weather since the Taft administration. 

Team Dad, Will Crissman, took a break from educating America’s youth and gave SingleSpeedAPalooza a lesson in pain, earning himself a podium and another year of making us feel like suckers for having derailleurs on our bikes.

Julie Wright went up to Vermont and competed in the Rasputista, which (as far as I can tell) is the bike racing version of American Ninja Warrior. She finished 3rd behind the always awesome Selene "Fit Chick" Yeager and the legendary Lyne Bessette.

Zsolt (Number 2) went to Pukwudgie in Assonet, MA and found rocks. And victory. Because he won his first MTB race as a new resident of this country.

Preston went up to the Green Mountain weekend hosted by the University of Vermont. After withstanding abuse by Tim Mitchell during the road race on day one, he smashed his way to 2nd in the P/1/2 crit the next day.

Mike and Ian went down to the venerable MTB season opener at Hopbrook Dam in CT. Mike managed 7th in the elites after a lousy start and Ian (after a great start) hunger-bonked himself out of the running in the CAT 1 race. 

In other news, a large group of the B2C2 women went down to the Cape to find snow-free trails and good times. It was a great ride, despite the fact that many of them had only ridden in the woods a handful of times. 

Three hours of pure wonderfulness on Cape Cod led by Lauren and high-efficiency doggy, Finch. There were log hops and wheelies and an occasional endo.

We would like to thank Back Bay Bicycles for all the last-minute repairs and general support - squeezing in our occasionally ill-prepared racers for badly needed service and life-saving mechanical know-how. 

Enjoy the weather, fellow New Englanders, and we hope to see y'all next weekend, and the weekend after that, and so on.

Lydia HausleComment