Weekend Recap: April 18-19, 2015

Another big weekend of New England racing had our team scattered all over the region, netting some fantastic results in a variety of events. 

Lydia and Preston trucked out to Lydia's hometown of Rochester, NY to race a crit in a zoo(!), which is in the top ten of "excellent places for a bike race." Despite having no teammates to get him into position, Preston netted a respectable 4th, while Lydia played her race to perfection and took a canny win with a late-race move against a reduced field. 

Speaking of reduced fields, Anne reduced the field of the Dartmouth Women's A Crit to ashes with a searing, 16-lap solo break. She checked out early, didn't look back, and crossed the line alone. Be on the lookout for our ladies, folks. It's going to be an amazing season. 

This is Anne. Winning in a 16-lap solo break. In the rain. At her alma mater. It doesn't really get better than that.

Mike, Ian, and Zsolt No. 2 (MTB Zsolt, not climby, roadie Zsolt) went to Rhode Island for the new King of Burlingame MTB Time Trial. Word is that Burlingame had a rough winter, so the nice folks at NESS moved the event to Big River and changed the name to the Muddy Bunny. Mike spent an incredible amount of time picking bits of leaves out of his teeth (he is still trying to remember how to ride without 3 feet of snow), but managed to pull off a convincing win in the cat1/elite field. Zsolt No. 2 won the B race, and Ian got bonky (but pulled off a mid-pack finish regardless). The tired teammates then raced the "team time trial," which mostly consisted of Ian bonking harder and Mike crashing more. 

The Nicks (Smith and Espo) were also ECCC-ing in New Hampshire, and ended up with a handful of pack finishes for their troubles. 

Nick Smith, unsatisfied with the previous day's 80-mile road race, then went on to run the FREAKING BOSTON MARATHON in 3:14, as did teammate Brandon King. 

Next week holds more ECCC racing, the notorious Quabbin, the first Wells Ave of the season (maybe), and the first Kenda Cup. Hope to see you all there!

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