IT'S HOT: B2C2 Weekend Recap, May 9th/10th

Remember last weekend's recap? The one where we said it was only a short time "before we’ll all be complaining about how hot it is?" Yup. We must be psychics. Or just good at reading the weather apps on our phones...

Either way, apparently the weather still wasn't hot enough here because B2C2 members Nick Smith and Anne Raymond kicked off the weekend by travelling down to Ashville, NC for Collegiate Road Nationals. Racing began on Friday with the long, hilly Marshall RR. Despite the extreme heat - which caused a full 1/3 of the men's fields to abandon - both Anne and Nick came away with solid mid-pack finishes in their extremely fast fields. Saturday then brought the Ashville Hill Climb Criterium with equally stacked fields. Anne again came away with a solid mid-pack finish, despite chasing SOLO for half of the race. (ooof!) Nick took home 15th in the non-collegiate 3/4 field. Wrapping up the weekend were the TT's on Sunday. Nick slipped in at 55th in the men's D1 ITT (not DFL!!!) to finish his season with BU. In the TTT Anne and her MIT comrades rode their way to an amazing 5th place finish which, in case you didn't know, means SHE STOOD ON THE PODIUM AT NATIONALS. Talk about a good way to end the season.

Meanwhile, back in good ol' New England, the rest of us non-collegiate folk found various races and rides in which to take part. Mike trekked down to Diamond Hill in RI, where he A) broke his bicycle 3 minutes the race and B) proceeded to ride said broken bicycle another 30 minutes and win the bike race (again). He was rewarded for his mighty efforts with ice cream. And a plaque. But mostly ice cream.

Win bike race, get yummy treats.

A handful of riders also made their way down to Carver, MA for the delayed-by-8'-of-snow Myles Standish Road Race. (Many thanks to the promoters and DCR for managing to find a new date for the race!) Dan started off the day for B2C2 in the men's 4 field, getting nudged just outside the top-10 in the field sprint. 

All of the women went off in the next wave - Alex, Hannah, and Sharon in the 4 field, and Lydia in the 123 field. Of note here: going into the race our women's 4 field had a combined experience of 11 races. Between 3 racers.  AND this was Sharon's first race back, post being "Not Dead Yet." Despite a deck that was seemingly stacked against them, they managed to work together flawlessly and net some serious results. Alex put down a monster sprint to take 3rd place (podium!!!) with Sharon following closely behind in 6th. Hannah, after DOIN' WORK the whole race to keep her teammates protected, still managed to improve on her result from last year, netting a 13th place finish.

Almost win bike race, get bling.

The following wave featured the European contingent of the B2C2 squad (and Mike). Liam and Zsolt Kemescei worked together, used SMARTS as well as WATTS, and got a podium finish for Zsolt. In the 3 field Zsolt Nemeth and Mike Martin rode a strong race and finished with the pack. Since 1 race is never enough, Mike then doubled up to race the men's 123 with Preston in the final wave of the day. Neither were able to manage a significant result, but both enjoyed racing in the middle of a beautiful summer day.

On Sunday a large contingent of B2C2 riders, as well as many others in metro Boston, headed out to Wells Ave for the weekly training crit. Sadly, the race was again cancelled last minute due to lack of police detail. Happily though, the good people of the Boston Road Club will not be deterred and are actively searching for new locations to hold "The Race Formerly Known As Wells Ave".

If you've got any ideas, you should totally submit them. If it works out, you get a free season of racing at the new venue as well as the eternal gratitude of the New England cycling community. More details on how/what to submit can be found on the BRC Twitter.

If you're still reading this, stop here and go ride your bike.



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