Series Racing - It's SRS BSNS: B2C2 Weekend Recap, May 16th/17th

Another weekend, another awesome set of races. But not just any races. Races that are part of race series. So they're like races within races. Which is like BONUS racing!

The weekend started off with the 42nd (!!!!!) Annual Lake Sunapee Road Race in NH, which is (I believe) the longest-running race in New England. For those not familiar with it, this is a true staple of the local road racing scene featuring constantly rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Sunapee was the also inaugural event for the recently announced NEBRA Trophy Series. With such prestige on the line, the fields were strong, the talent was deep, and the racing was fast. 

Mike Martin and Preston were the first to head out for the day, in the men's P123 field. Despite their best efforts (including many miles in DA BREAK), neither was able to hold on to the lead group by the end. No results were had, but not for lack of effort. 

Next up for B2C2 was Lydia in the women's P123. She also went with the winning move in her field, and managed to hold on for 6th! The result was worth A) kudos for a hard day in the saddle, B) an upgrade point, and C) a sweet payout (and subsequent lunch for us all). 

The final B2C2 rider to take to the course was Alex the women's 4. After a bit of bad luck picking wheels on the first climb she kept her head down (figuratively! Eyes up, safety first!) and motored out a solid 16 mile solo effort. 

Sunday brought Weeping Willow, the second race of the Kenda Cup East Series. As such, there were many racers. Many, many racers from many different teams. Thankfully there was an equally impressive contingent of B2C2 racers in the mix. Cindy, Hannah, Lydia, Matt, Preston, and Sharon all tackled the first wave of races while Andrew, Charlie, Colin, Ian, Kevin, Mike, and Will all tackled the second wave. You'll have to pardon me for not giving a full recap of everyone's day - by the time I'm done writing that up it'll be next weekend already. Suffice to say, there was fun and excitement and #BRAAAP aplenty.

In the first wave, Preston and Matt duked it out in the Sport category, with Preston taking 3rd place in his age group. Cindy, Hannah, and Lydia also raced in Sport, with Hannah crushing souls and taking home the win against favorites Michelle Smith and Regina Legge! Sharon raced in the Novice category, netting her second 2nd place finish in as many races! All said and done, it was a pretty strong start to the day.

The second wave of racing featured the expert and elite fields. Mike and Will represented the burrito-squad well in the elite field, despite the intense heat and dust that had taken hold by midday. (For more info on how the Elite race went, as well as a lesson in how to make many metaphors, see Mike's race report). The expert field, stuffed to the brim with five B2C2 riders, yielded all kinds of results. First up, the "oopsies" - Ian and Charlie were at the lead-end of the race before accidentally cutting the course and DQ'ing themselves. Andrew managed to have better luck, despite this being his first MTB race in 2 years, AND being on a fancy-new bike (this one with gears). Kevin also rode a great race, coming in just a couple places in front of Andrew. And last-but-not-least there was Colin, who handily defeated his burrito-powered teammates and managed to scoop up a podium finished in his age group to boot.

Also, you should totally check out this post-race DirtWire.TV interview of Mike. It's pretty hilarious.

Lest we forget, Sunday was also the return of Wells Ave. Given the large team presence at Weeping Willow, Greg was the only B2C2 rider able to make it out to the training crit this weekend. However, he managed to get in some FAST LAPZ and HARD EFFORTZ before heading in to work for the day.

Up next: stage racing! A handful of B2C2 riders will be heading up to Killington, VT for the Killington Stage Race. Mike Wissell will also be heading down to Pennsylvania for the Transivlania Epic Stage race. To keep up with the races as they happen, follow the #KSR and #TSEpic tags on twitter.

Thanks for reading, and hope you have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

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