Junetime Jammin' @ Pinnacle and Purgatory

Hopefully you've enjoyed the copious race reports from our stage racing escapades - we certainly had fun racing. Now that those are over, we return you to our regularly scheduled programming:

This past weekend featured a plethora of races to participate in, but the entire B2C2 crew partook in either 1 of 2 races - Pinnacle or Purgatory. We'll cover Pinnacle first.

Racing kicked off in the morning with the Novice and Sport categories, with the Novice fields racing for 10 miles and the Sport fields for 16. Bear in mind, this isn't a 10 or 15 miles suited for Grandma and Grandpa to take their Sunday stroll on. This is a course of MUCH GNAR and EVEN MUCH MORE CLIMBING. Seriously, take a look at the course profile: 


(Thanks to Richard Pirro for Strava-ing the #dataz. As we all know, if there's no record of it on Strava, it didn't really happen)

Sharon and Alex were the only 2 B2C2 racers in the morning wave, both in the Novice field. Alex has already beaten me to the punch and written up an awesome race report - you should read it. Suffice to say, she killed it, taking 3rd in her age group, as well as in the overall Novice field. 


Sharon, keen to keep up on her podium streak, also tore it up out on course. Except this time instead of finishing 2nd, she decided to one-up herself and finish 1st! (This was an easy decision as there was only 1 person in her field. NONETHELESS! Showing up certainly counts, and she did also beat many other people who just didn't happen to be racing in her field. So I think she would have continued her streak either way)

Afternoon racing followed shortly after, featuring many doodz from B2C2, mostly in the Expert field. Liam continued his return to the American cycling scene, with a strong ride to 6th place. Ian finished a little ahead of Liam, getting just nudged off the podium in 4th place. And carrying the burrito squad in the expert field, Colin took home the "W". (Like Alex, Colin is also better at writing timely blog posts than me. You can check out his race report here)

Mike Wissell, not having had enough at Transylvania, played bikes in the Elite field and took home 7th place. Not bad for having stage-race-legs!

Back in the world of skinny-tires, B2C2 also had a strong contingent at the Purgatory Road Race. In addition to being just a well-run and generally awesome race, Purgatory was again designated the MA state championships - so you know the competition was going to be strong. Also, though (mercifully) less rocky and rooty than Pinnacle, there was still plenty of climbing to be had.

Hannah was first to tackle the 11-mile circuit, in a women's 4 field with some very good climbers. A field which also very quickly splintered into pieces. Despite the lack of a large group to work with (or hide behind), Hannah soldiered on and at the end  of her 22-mile race was nudged just outside the top ten for 11th. Ever the awesome teammate, she then made her way over to the feed zone to support her fellow B2C2 riders in their afternoon races.

The next wave of races contained the remainder of the B2C2 riders. In the men's P12 field, Preston hung on for dear life and managed to not get completely popped off until the beginning of the last lap (longer than expected!!!). He hung in the race for the final lap, chased hard off-the-back, and finished the race in a spectacular bonked stupor. 

Lydia and Anne were also subjected to the wattage cottages of the elite field, as they were racing in the combine women's P12 and 3 fields. However, they fared a little better than Preston and managed to hang onto the main field all the way up until the final climb. In the final 2 minute power test 1k, Anne was able to hang onto 8th place in the 3 field and Lydia nabbed the final spot inside the top 10.

Last to head out for the day was the Men's 3 field with Nick, Greg, Mike Martin, and Charlie. And they were READY TO RACE because they HAD A PLAN. The plan was pretty much "get Charlie in DA BREAK", and they, uhhhh, did it! Once Charlie was up the road Nick, Greg, and Mike all took turns shutting things down and being generally annoying on the front of the main field. From the break Charlie was able to hold on to 6th place, which is 1/2 a place better than last year! (in which he actually tied - yes tied - for 6th)

All said and done it was a pretty good weekend. And with this only being the start of June, there should be plenty more like it this year. See y'all out there!