Team Averica with Photographer Chris McIntosh

I would love to call myself a lark, but it’s really only under duress.  Like catching the crisp autumn light at Larz Anderson in Brookline, MA for photos with local, Boston-based photographer, Chris McIntosh.  The Avericans, as we are interpersonally known, showed up ready to meet the world, through images.  There was running, sprinting, riding up stairs, and ledge-sitting.  Also cartwheeling, which was Erin’s idea and she’s especially bad at them.  Something about the landing process, doesn’t quite work.  Julie showed us the pointy end of her skill base by riding up a set of steps. I’ll chalk it up to her new Seven, even she said it was like cheating.  It was fun.  #CxIsHere, we are working hard for results, and looking like we’re hardly working--wait that’s not true, it’s ‘cross.  See you over the barriers, through the sand and mud with a fight for the finish line.

- Hannah

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