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Julie Comes Out On Top!

It was a great weekend in Warwick, RI for the New England Verge Series finale at NBX. I remember last year at this race being bitter cold, the only race at which I wore leg-warmers. This year brought unseasonably warm conditions, in the 50s - perfect for a long walk on the beach! But this isn’t a weather report…

Let’s talk about Julie! If you’ve ever met Julie, you know that she’s overwhelmingly positive and also incredibly humble. Put her in front of a camera and she blushes immediately. Tell her how great she is and she turns it around into a compliment to you. So let’s use this week to say all the nice things about her that she won't say herself? Deal? Ok, good.

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Northampton CX, A Team Averica Dinner Discussion

Julie - I put my handlebar in Brittlee Bowman’s wheel and feel badly about it. I tried chasing her around the entire course to apologize, but she wouldn’t wait up. Sorry Brittlee!

Hannah - I ate it on the pro-only section. But I kept riding it because why not?

Erin - I needed a closer look at the barrier. Unclipping is overrated.


Julie - On Saturday I carried my bike up the run-up like it was a teacup, with my pinky high in the air.

Hannah - I finished on the lead lap, triumphantly.

Erin - I saw Julie stop pedaling for a second and it made me pedal harder. I still didn’t catch her.

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#CrossIsHere, #NECX Edition

It's finally happening. That time of year has arrived. Yes friends, we can officially say that 'cross is indeed HERE. And here to stay, at least for the next 3 months. If you keep up with any of us on social media you probably know that some of our team has been dabbling in the 'cross scene for a couple weeks now, but the unofficial Official #NECX Season Opener has always been QuadCX. And so, with that in mind, here's a little recap of Mike Wissell's Official Season Opening Race (and a few pictures of the weekend that we were able to scrounge up):

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